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Why Is Jamboard Price Reasonable in Its Market?

With respect to geographic location, it is pretty normal for the Jamboard app price to differ from the region to region. In the US, this business interactive whiteboard can be purchased at USD 4,999. The US product offering for Jamboard Google comes in Cobalt Blue, Carmine Red, and Graphite Gray colors. It is automatically bundled with 2 styluses and an eraser, plus a wall mount but here in Australia the standard retail price is AUD 7,999. 

Alongside the upfront payment for the whiteboard hardware, it is also under your discretion if you also want to avail the one-full year management and technical support help and services which is a $600 value.

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But here in Australia, the offered yearly technical support help and yearly management assistance is valued at $900. If you want to have the rolling stand, you’ll also need to shell out $2,199 for that. 

After its product launch in 2016, Google’s digital whiteboard offering was readily available for purchase in New Zealand and Australia. Touted as the next-generation digital whiteboard, this offering is originally intended for use by businesses via Google G-Suite to enhance experience and level of engagement during meetings and presentations 

This groundbreaking whiteboard tool makes a world of difference for users since they are given an option to decide whether they want to collaborate with other users via a large-screen (55”) 4K resolution screen via “cloud” or streaming or in person.

Even if participants in a collaboration session, which Google fondly refers to as “Jam” session, are not in the same physical room or office they’d be able to access the Jamboard online device by virtue of the dedicated Jamboard app on iOS and Android device that comes with a tablet mode. 

This will offer users a level of experience that is very similar to the offered usability and functionality features of the physical Jamboard device. As for smartphone users, they can have it work as a Jamboard device companion.  

And lastly, to have optimal use of the Jamboard online device, we suggest that you obtain a G-Suite plan. It is available in Business Enterprise, G-suite Enterprise for Education, G-Suite Basic, and G-Suite for Education. 

What is G-Suite Anyway? 

Formerly known as Google Apps for Work, G-Suite is a qualified Software as a Service or SaaS. This product package offers teams every cloud-based collaboration and productivity tool that Google has developed for specialized groups and organizations such as nonprofits, institutes, and business organizations. Coming with every subscription, you will have exclusive access to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Google Drive, and Sites.  

Is There Any Difference Between G-Suite and Free Google Apps? 

It’s easy to think that a handful of the same application offerings of Google can be taken advantage of for free, but they usually come with key features that make them integrate seamlessly with an organization. 

These product offerings may come as free for everyone to enjoy, but with G-Suite subscribers get to enjoy them with enterprise-level features. These features can include optional unlimited cloud storage, shared calendars, single sign-on, two-step verification, data migration tools. 

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In addition to all that, G-Suite subscribers will also get to enjoy mobile device management capability allowing you to activate-deactivate mobile or phone devices and remote wipe, which is highly useful in cases that staff or an employee decided to go on erring ways with a company device.  

Besides all the great features enumerated above, G-Suite is also offering subscribers custom email addresses that are for the exclusive use of your domain. For a better understanding of this, let us cite here an example. 

Unlike the regular Google email account, which follows the “” format, users’ email accounts for G Suite subscribers will include your domain as well. Usually, it will take after this format, “”, but it is vital that your domain is already verified before signing it up for use in G-Suite.