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CNC Cutting Machine

 CNC Cutting Machine

When creative collaboration is existing between designers, architects, and fabricators, this can often lead to intricate stone designs seamlessly executed with the help and assistance of the state-of-the-art CNC cutting machines.

Computer numerical control or CNC technology successfully made an indelible mark and earned for itself a very good reputation not just in the metal fabrication business but even in the stone fabrication and design industry.  This benefited the manufacturing companies who happen to have a vested interest in taking good advantage of its capabilities.

CNC Cutting Machines Bring New Era in Stone Fabrication

The working idea behind computer automation in the stone and metal fabrication industry is to have your fabricating and cutting machines under the control and management of a computer system. This makes it possible for stone fabricators to create intricate awe-inspiring creations with exact precision.

  • The level of precision you will see being carried out seamlessly by CNC cutters were previously believed to be too impossible or too costly to achieve. This paved the way for designers and architects to try to increase and expand their creative limits. In doing so they are able to experience many benefits, including:
  • Creative designing freedom is greatly improved
  • Greater control on design development and concept, which starts from development through fabrication
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Increased level of accuracy of stone shaping

Despite the fact that CNC cutting technology is bringing about a manifold of benefits to the industry of stone fabrication, there are still a handful of experienced professionals who are still holding some apprehension and doubts about the whole process. Among their primary concern is that CNC cutting technology may only be good for processing  CNC granite slabs.

To many seasoned pros in the business, who are primarily holding skepticism on the application of CNC cutting techniques in the industry, it is unthinkable for them to imagine how a computer-controlled machine could handle a large chunk of stone and come up with a design which normally only a seasoned sculptor can produce.  

Quite the opposite, CNC cutting machines can handle both cubic stones and slabs of all sizes with great ease, with respect, of course, to the kind of machine which the fabricator chooses to use.  

Another wrong notion that people usually have about CNC cutters is that they think it is not budget friendly. True enough that CNC technology is quite more advanced when compared to many conventional methods, but it is important to know that it is not cost-prohibitive.

The vast majority of designs we have today began first as a digital project either in CAD or any other digital design software packages. This became the “master model” format which afforded fabricators lower costs considering the fact that much of the drafting work it completely eliminated the old manual method. Even more rewarding here is the fact that CNC achieves for them a very fine tolerance, eradicating the need for follow-up processes. Lead time and fabrication works are reduced. It also made custom designs cost-effective.


With CNC style of fabrication becoming even more popular and more widely accepted across the country, we can only have that sweet anticipation that the use of this technology is bound to increase even more in the coming years. This will pave for the outset of a new era in the stone fabrication industry and will start by making it possible for kitchen countertop manufacturers to come up with a more precise, efficient and creative design.

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