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3D Scanner Benefits in Product Design

No doubt, 3D technology has opened a whole new world of possibilities in terms of designing products. Particularly, 3D scanning has so many benefits to offer for product development. In the past, obtaining a 3d scanner was a bit difficult. But today, the situation has become so different. Having the right software and scanner, it has now become very easy that even children can make use of this technology. In fact, there are some students across the globe who are starting to use in their classroom.

Just as how these students have willingly embraced the technology, engineers and product designers are also going along the bandwagon. Utilizing 3D scanning can be easy and quick and the applications for product development is not an exception. What is more interesting is the fact that it brings developers and designers a wide array of benefits such as the following:


3D Scanning Benefits

Allows Intricate Designs

Whether it’s a wax or clay model at small or full scale that you are working on, the technology has helped the process to transition physical objects into digital models smoother and quicker. Leading companies that make use of this technology have started to incorporate AI into their offerings. This allows the process to be more intuitive and automated, while decreasing the time to be spent for training. With this, sophisticated product designs are achieved.

Aside from this, the 3d scanners also gave chance to ergonomic designs. With their ability to capture human anatomy digitally, products that conform to the human body are created. As time goes by, products and technologies are expected to advance. The same thing can be applied when it comes to product design.


Giving Flexibility to Designs

For example, a visual prototype has been created but it does not have working parts yet. With the use of the scanner, the product’s exact shape can be digitally captured. The technology can be used to create a proof-of-concept prototype. In the initial design phase, the 3D scan with an editing program will allow users to make sure that the surfaces being presented are in high fidelity and that the products are symmetrical and that they can scale the overall size. By moving the design from one phase to the other, it can be edited to give space for internal components or just to change the look of the product in accordance to the feedback.

These examples of benefits are just a few. The moment you start using the technology, you will realize how much of a great advantage it is to have such with all the benefits it can offer. Utilizing the technology will ensure accuracy from the very beginning of the project to the time it reaches the market.